When I Think of Christmas


Christmas is right around the corner and so I decided to share with you some of the things I think of during this season.

C – Children

Christmas and children go hand-in-hand. There is such joy during this time. I remember as a child making presents for my family and lovingly wrapping them and putting them under the tree. I couldn’t wait to see the expressions on their faces. That anticipation has continued to this day and is seen in my children.

Every year they draw names and purchase a gift for each other. This is generally one of the first gifts that they want to open. They can’t wait to see what their siblings think about the gift he/she selected. The kids are learning the blessing of giving.

H – Hosting

As the calendar turns from one month to the next, from fall to winter, my mind starts planning family get togethers. We are so blessed to have the space to host the family Christmases. I begin thinking about the menu long before Thanksgiving, to give everyone the opportunity to decide what he or she will bring.

Yes, there are some preparations that have to be made in order to host a large group (40+), but I wouldn’t pass up the chance to have everyone under our roof. Growing up, the Spelbring Christmas was always at my Grandma Lucy’s house. It is such an honor to do this in her memory.

R – Recipes

Many of my Christmas memories are tied to the goodies around this time. Growing up, I remember making cookies with my mom and eating dough as we were rolling out the cookies. I also remember the vast assortment of cookies, candies and party mix that my grandma made every year. I now have the recipes – in her precious handwriting – to pass on to my children.

The kids and I begin weeks ahead making and freezing goodies. A week or so before Christmas, as a family, we take an assortment of goodies to our neighbors.

I – Icicles

Not long after selecting the Christmas menu, I begin decorating for Christmas. I remember as a child helping clean the house and then going through the boxes of decorations and unpacking the various treasures. I have that same feeling of joy as I get out our family’s decorations every year. I enjoy remembering where this ornament came from and who gave me that snowman.

Growing up, the silvery icicles were all the rage. However, as a child they took entirely too long to put on the tree – one-by-one as the minutes turned into hours in my mind. As an adult, I have opted to forgo the silvery icicles, but I have beautiful icicle ornaments that the kids get to place on the tree.

S – Star

After the lights and ornaments have all been placed on the tree, then it’s time for the focal point – the star. In our previous home, we had a 12-foot tree, so my husband was the only one allowed in the ladder to put the star on the top of the tree. In our new house, we don’t have the tall ceilings, so the tree is much smaller, but the impact is the same.

Your eye is drawn upward to the star. It is to remind us of the star that night long ago in Bethlehem that pointed the way to the birthplace of Jesus.

T – Tree

When Christmas comes to mind, most people immediately think of the Christmas tree. Whether it is big or small, real or artificial, the meaning to me is the same. The tree represents life. Each tree started out as a small seed and with the proper light, water and soil, it will grow tall and strong.

The same is true of our walk with Christ. If we are firmly rooted in Him, drink in the Living Water and bask in the Sonshine, then we will grow into strong Christians ready to shine for Him.

M – Music

The family, food and decorations are all wonderful, but would not be the same without the sounds of Christmas music. I love listening to the classic Christmas songs I sang as a child as well as the new ones. There is nothing like listening to the sweet voices of my children singing about Jesus’ birth.

A – Addresses

I enjoy sending cards to friends and family throughout the year, but my highlight would have to be getting our Christmas cards ready. I sit down and write a list of all the friends and family I want to be certain to send a card to. I write little notes, sign each card and then address the envelopes. I know many people use labels printed from the computer for their cards. It is certainly more efficient, but I love sitting down and addressing them by hand. I can’t give a tangible gift to everyone, but I can give my time and love.

S – Savior

All of the previous items are special, but the Christmas season would be empty and meaningless without our Savior. Jesus left everything to come to Earth and be born in the lowly manger. However, His ultimate sacrifice came years later – His death and resurrection. Jesus gave us the greatest gift – the opportunity for eternal life with Him. He is holding the gift out to you; will you reach out and accept it?

There is a lot going on, especially at this time of the year, but do not miss the chance to see Christ this Christmas.

5 thoughts on “When I Think of Christmas

  1. Great post, Jamy! I enjoyed reading it. Sometimes people get all caught up with all the distractions and preparations that go into the Christmas celebration, that they find they spend less time with Him. We need to make time for Him during the celebration next week as we can rejoice in the birth of baby Jesus. Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing. May God continue to richly bless your life.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Jamy. I really enjoyed reading it and it brought up so many memories from my childhood that I had forgotten about! My grandfather used to carve out gifts with us grandkids to paint for my parents as gifts! One year I made bell and I think my mom and dad still have it! Merry Christmas and God bless!
    -Erin Cuomo, OBS Group Leader

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