Crowning Moment


The media pushes its idea of beauty and worth on people of all ages, but it seems to especially hit teen girls. Photo-shopped, unattainable images bombard girls from every angle. It is no wonder that several suffer from anxiety, depression and eating disorders in an attempt to reach society’s idea of beautiful.

The only way to try and combat this image is with The Truth. Therefore, I took the opportunity before Thanksgiving to give my oldest daughter, who is 15, a crown necklace. As I presented the necklace to her, and placed it around her neck, I shared the following truths with her:

  • You are chosen – John 15:16
  • You are wonderfully made – Psalm 139:14
  • You are dearly loved – Colossians 3:12
  • You are a Daughter of the King – Romans 8:14

Taylor was overwhelmed by this gift and its significance. However, it didn’t end there. I discovered when she returned home after being away for a few days that not only did she wear the necklace, but also took the opportunity to share with others just what the necklace truly meant. This one piece of jewelry, a small token, has already been used to touch the lives of several and has given Taylor the chance to share God’s love and truth with others.

I decided to wear the same necklace I had given my daughter to my extended family’s Thanksgiving. Throughout our time there, I had the privilege to talk to and catch up with several family members. I had determined that I would give this necklace to the first person that commented on it. It just so happened that my mom was that person. It brought me so much joy to present the necklace to her and share the same truths with her as I did with Taylor.

I would encourage each of you to check out Crowned by the King Ministries. It is a wonderful ministry that is opening doors to share God’s love and truth in a simple and meaningful way.


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