Bondservant – Guest Blog Post

I am thrilled to have yet another wonderful guest for Wednesday Wisdom. Dawn Whitmore has graciously shared her heart with us. Please take a moment and let her know how much you appreciate it.


“Paul & Timothy, bondservants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi, with the bishops and deacons: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

What is a bondservant? Are you a bondservant? Paul describes himself often in Scripture as a bondservant. A bondservant is a slave/servant whose debt has been paid. However, instead of leaving they stayed for the love of their master. One bible study teacher describes the process of the bondservant getting a physical marking to show their decision to stay. This marking is a hole being punched in their ear to show others their decision to willingly stay and serve.

Each of us had a debt paid that we couldn’t pay. Our loving Savior came and paid our debt.

Do you know serve out of love for your Master or is it out of duty? This is a question that I personally ponder from time to time. Especially when preparing to step out, it is imperative for me to keep my focus (my One Word for 2012) on serving out of love for the Master and not strictly out of a sense of duty.

I started a new “Connecting” journey recently, as the leader of an online Bible study. Jamy Whitaker played a part in this new journey.

Jamy and a couple others loved on me with a love from the Savior when connecting wasn’t at the top of my list.  Their love came at a time when I was hurting. Their love wasn’t from a sense of duty either. I saw them serving because of their love for their Savior.

God removed me from serving during this time for He knew any serving would have been out of duty.   One thing I know to be true is you can’t serve, with a love from the Savior, without connecting merely communicating won’t cut it.

My dilemma: I didn’t want to connect. I was willing to communicate but not connect. However, God wasn’t finished with me. THANK YOU GOD!!!

A change had been set in motion. The process began after signing up for She Speaks, a conference held each year in NC. Each attendee is invited to become a part of a private FB group with the goal of interacting before the conference. This is where I met Jamy and a few other women. One’s who have become special to me, each in their own way. Some may say, but they are just people you know online…

That statement is true to a degree for some of the ladies. Though, with another group of the ladies this is no longer true. Because while at the conference, we made the concerted effort to meet face-to-face. I will never forget the warmth and love in Tracy Chad Steele’s humungous hug, the time spent with my roomie, Julie Sunne, talking with Martha Miller Cullison and her encouraging words, meeting Veronica Herzing, or finally meeting up with Dana Pittman in the last worship session after looking for each other all weekend.  This names only a few of the women God has connected me with and what a blessing each of them has been to me.

Since each one of these women chose to be bondservants, my life is different. What about you? Are you a bondservant, one serving out of your love and gratitude for the Master? Or are you merely going through the motions because of duty?

You may have noticed that Jamy and I have not met face-to-face yet but that will happen in God’s timing.


Dawn Whitmore has a heart for Independent Artists, Women and Young Adults.  She regularly blogs at DAWN’S DIALOGUE, the place where she honestly connects with others in a communication saturated world. She lives in VA with her “Sweetie” and college-aged daughter. You can check out here blog at



6 thoughts on “Bondservant – Guest Blog Post

  1. What an important question to ask, Dawn! So thankful to have roomed with you at She Speaks. Who would have thought? God and His mysterious ways. Praying you continue connecting and sharing, She Speaks Sister.

    • Sorry for the delay in my response, I am having some issues with my hands and have been asked by the Dr. to limit my typing and writing this week. I was blessed to have you as a roomie at She Speaks.

    • Jamy,

      First, Happy Birthday!
      Second, I will guest post again for you at anytime. 🙂

      As I mentioned above, I normally would not have had a delay in responding. However, this hand issue is being a real pain…I am going to link my Dawn’s Dialogue today to your site and this guest post.

      Thanks again for having me. 🙂

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