The Bridesmaid – Book Review

I had read The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis, which is the first in her Home to Hickory Hollow series. Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself for me to read and review The Bridesmaid, the second book in the series, I jumped at it.

The Bridesmaid picks up in the small Amish town of Hickory Hollow.  Joanna Kurtz has been asked to be a bridesmaid yet again. Will she ever get a chance to walk down the aisle as the bride? Through the course of the story, you see the ups and downs of Joanna’s life. She questions whether it is even possible for her to marry for love at her age. Could an heirloom quilt give Joanna the strength and courage she needs to follow her heart?

I would highly recommend The Bridesmaid. It is a great book to curl up with on a fall day and be transported to a slower, simpler way of life.

I encourage you to check out the book trailer for more about the book,

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