The Girl’s Still Got It : Final Wrap-Up

It is easy to look at the story of Boaz and Ruth and wish that someone cared for you that much. Your knight in shining armor. Well, how about the King of Kings? Dear friend, Christ paid a much higher price to redeem each one of us. He gave His life for all to pay the debt, so we wouldn’t be forever separated from God.

Take a moment and listen to the words of this song, Redeemed.

Christ gave us hope and a future, just like Boaz did for Ruth on a smaller scale. I love that the book of Ruth is actually our love story.

“It’s a picture of God wooing his bride, drawing her into his embrace, and whispering words of comfort and assurance. You’re mine. You’re safe. No one can take you from my side” (p. 148).

Just like Ruth, when we accept the gift of salvation our lives are forever changed. God can restore what is lost; redeem our lives, hearts and circumstances. He can transform your world, just like He did for Ruth.

However, you and I cannot stop with just accepting the gift of salvation, we need to cultivate a relationship with God. One of the best ways to do this is by digging into His Word and let Him speak to us. This will give us the spiritual food our bodies need. Therefore, you and I must be intentional with how we choose to spend our time. We need to have a hunger for God’s Word and not let other distractions deter us from time in the Word.

As the curtain falls on this story with the birth of their son, Obed, I have a couple of questions for you to consider.

  • Will you trust God whole-heartedly: forgiving the past, managing the present      and providing in the future?
  • Will you step out in faith to follow His calling for you?

Christ paid the ultimate price to display His love for you. Do not let it be in vain because Girl, You’ve Got It!






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