A Kingsbury Collection – Book Review

A Kingsbury Collection is a collection of three wonderful stories by Karen Kingsbury. I had read a couple of her other books, so I was excited to have the opportunity to read and review more of her work. The three books in this collection are Where Yesterday Lives, When Joy Came to Stay and On Every Side.

Where Yesterday Lives: A tragic event shakes the lives of the Barrett family. The family must decide whether the miles and years can be erased and they can come together. Karen Kingsbury does an excellent job of bringing this family to life for the reader. You feel like you are in the story every step of the way. These are not flat characters. You can see and feel what they are thinking and going through.

I love how Karen takes everyday life and weaves it into these characters. This is not a fairytale were the characters’ lives are perfect. The reader can relate to the struggles of the Barrett family. If you look close enough you might even see glimpses of yourself within the pages of this story.

When Joy Came to Stay: Karen Kingsbury takes a look into the depths of the foster care system and a little girl, Amanda, who seems to be falling through the cracks. All the while, Maggie Stovall is living a life behind a mask. Her husband, Ben, doesn’t even realize it. However, like all masks, it becomes too much of a burden for Maggie to wear. Checking herself into a psychiatric hospital, she has a lot she needs to learn to deal with. During this time, her husband must begin to dig into the past. The question remains, what will he do with this information?

I love how Karen takes on the serious topics of child abuse and depression head on and shines the life of God and His truth on these circumstances.

On Every Side: Karen doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects in her books. On Every Side is a prime example. The issue of separation of church and state comes into play regarding a Jesus statue that had been in the town park for years. In the course of this story, two families must come together and determine how they will deal with past events. These circumstances have changed the course of many people’s lives, but Jordan, Heidi and Faith will learn that God has a purpose – even when we do not understand it.

Once again, Karen takes real life and wraps it in these incredible characters that the reader is immediately drawn to. Before you know it, you are in the story cheering on Faith and praying that little Rosa Lee will find a forever family.

These three stories are all so touching in their own way. Karen draws the reader in with being able to identify with the real life situations the characters are facing. Then, she sprinkles God’s truth and love throughout her stories, which gives the reader real hope and help for issues she may currently be facing.

I would highly recommend A Kingsbury Collection. I look forward to finding and reading more of Karen’s work. If you would like to learn more about Karen Kingsbury, be sure to check out her website, www.karenkingsbury.com.

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