Not defined by the numbers

Numbers are all around us and effect us everyday – both positively and negatively. For those with facebook, twitter and/or a blog, you can easily be consumed with your numbers – followers, likes, tweets, the list could go on. However, the effect of numbers is not limited to the “online world”. People, women especially, can become consumed with their jean size or their weight. It in fact can get to be where this number has so much power that it dictates the rest of the day. If the number goes down, everything is wonderful; your entire outlook on life is brighter. On the other hand, if the number goes up, then the day is ruined before it even begins.

Let me tell you a secret – a number does not define you. No, dear friend, your identity comes from God alone. He loves and treasures you. This is not to say we are not supposed to take care of the body God has given us. In fact, I mean just the opposite; we need to take care of ourselves. We just have to make certain that your goals are realistic. Keep in mind that not everyone is supposed to be a size 2.

With all that said, I knew that I needed to make some changes in my life to take care of my body. So when the opportunity to be a part of a select group of women to commit to working out with a Shapely Girl Fitness DVD three times a week for the month of October, I jumped at the chance. Okay, let’s be honest, jumping is a little of an overstatement, but you get the idea. This was the nudge and accountability that I needed to get moving.

Therefore, for the next month, I am going to have Movin’ Mondays on my blog, where I will report my progress (inches/pounds lost, energy level, etc) and tell you about this wonderful program started by Debra Mazda for real women, not just those who are already in shape and tone. I wanted to share my goals with you as well. My goals for this month is to stick with the commitment to do the “Let’s Get Stepping” DVD at least three times a week, lose 10 pounds, and have more energy to do things with my family. I hope my posts will inspire you to

 Get Encouraged, Get Motivated and Get Moving!

 Will you join me in the month of October to focus on exercising our bodies

physically, mentally and spiritually?

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