The Girl’s Still Got It – Week 6 Wrap-Up

Last week left us and Ruth wondering what Boaz was going to say as he approached. The tension must have been building with every step as Ruth watched him come closer.  The first words to her were so endearing, “my daughter”. These are the very same words Naomi spoke to her earlier that morning.  Right away, Boaz swoops in and assumes the father role.

Boaz quickly shows he is concerned about her safety and is going to do something about it. Ruth is no longer a foreigner just collecting the scraps, but now she is welcomed as a servant. This position gives her protection. In the same way, God welcomes us in His family based on everything Christ did and not on our own merit. Just like Ruth, there are times in our own lives that we must go through difficult circumstances. However, it is when we are dirty, tired and feel like we can’t go on that God whispers, “just trust me”. This is exactly what Ruth has been doing since she made the choice to leave everything and follow Naomi and her God.

The next thing in Chapter Six that stuck out to me was regarding Ruth’s appearance. Until reading this chapter, I always thought Ruth was beautiful and that is what caught Boaz’s attention. However, just like God, Boaz was looking at Ruth’s heart, not the external appearance. He saw her for the true beauty she really was. Then, he speaks a blessing over her; asking God to not only restore what she has lost, but to also “richly” bless her. Ruth responds with showering Boaz with compliments.

Boaz shows his compassion for Ruth by taking things a step farther and not only inviting her to eat with him, but also serving her. After eating until she is stuffed, Ruth returns to work. The rest of the men remain as Boaz gives orders for them to make it easier for Ruth. Ruth was unaware this was taking place, just like we have no idea what work God is doing behind the scenes on our behalf.

There is such a sweet tenderness between Ruth and Boaz, you can’t help but be drawn into their story. Things are really beginning to change for Ruth. God is working everything out for good – in His timing and in His way.

What stood out to you this week in the reading?

One thought on “The Girl’s Still Got It – Week 6 Wrap-Up

  1. I am so enjoying this book and haven’t really commented lately, as I must confess I had read into Chapter 7 last week when we were to do 6. I find it all so fascinating how we are called to Trust God and then we are amazed by his kindness and generosity. I love how Boaz is reflecting God’s love on Ruth – the foreigner – and the outcast. How it shows us that he provides for those who are not who we ordinarily would think he would take care of and assist. I found myself through 6 & 7 wondering what the others in the field were thinking. Were they happy to see their Master providing more for this outcast? Are we happy when we see God allowing an outcast to be invited to our church or to have some “miracle” provided to them. Or do we get jealous and think “we’ve been in the fields and now along comes this person and God shows them favor! – what about me?” It doesn’t say this at all – I just know there have been times when I have put myself on a pedestal because I already know the Master and I think I deserve some of the extra grain – and maybe not someone who JUST MET the Master. You know what I mean. This reminded me to pray that I do not do that in my life. That I too, act like Boaz and roll out the welcome mat and invite them into the harvest and kingdom. This is such a wonderful book and well-written, as I find myself picturing it all and feeling as if I’m right there in the field with Ruth and watching Boaz and her’s relationship grow.
    I’m praying all of us reading are also building a closer relationship with our Master and thinking about all the times he has given to us without our deserving or asking for the blessing. :0) I feel Joy!

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