Monday Musing: Everyday Matters Bible for Women – Review

With the start of another week it means it is time for my Monday Musing. Today, I have a couple different things I want to share with you. First of all, I had the privilege to review the “Everyday Matters Bible for Women”. The first thing I noticed about this particular Bible is that it is definitely designed aesthetically for women. It is absolutely beautiful. The inside pages have flowers and vines on the pages in shades of green. However, the real beauty lies within the four additional features that have been added to highlight the twenty-four spiritual disciplines.

The first feature is Everyday Matters. This is a lengthier piece. It takes a scripture reference and shows the relevance to a particular spiritual discipline. This makes it easier for the reader to understand and grasp the concept.

The second feature is Everyday Profile. Each entry in this feature looks at a woman or group of women in the Bible and shows how they exhibit a particular spiritual discipline. By doing this is makes the characters within the text easier to relate to.

The next feature is Everyday Q & A’s. This would have to be my favorite feature within this Bible. It takes questions that we might have today; for example, “How can I be grateful when my life is full of pain?” (1506), and shows, through scripture, what the answer is and how we can practically apply it to our lives today.

The final feature is Everyday Reflections. They are short notes that tie a particular passage to a specific aspect of the spiritual discipline. These are a quick read when you need some help or encouragement.

These four features work together to help build the reader’s faith, grow stronger in the Word and gain an eternal perspective. The twenty-four spiritual disciplines are all listed in the back of the Bible, so you can choose to focus on a particular discipline or use it as a quick reference. There is even an explanation of how to use this Bible in a small group study. I would highly recommend this Bible to women out there. It is going to be my go to study Bible.



The next thing I would like to share with you this morning is a guest post by my 14-year old daughter, Taylor. I am so impressed with her writing and the stand she takes for her faith. I am sure she would appreciate your comments. You can visit her blog at

Me, Art?

When you think of a piece of art what do you think of? A famous piece of art like Starry Night, maybe? What about yourself? Each and every one of us is a piece of art.

We have been sculpted by God himself. Isn’t that an awesome thought? That He created everything from your hair to your toes. And thinks you are one of His most beautiful creations. And every time that you say that you are ugly or fat or you are not worth anything. Think again. God thinks you are perfect despite you insecurities. Heck, He even has a book in the bible to show us this love. It is devoted to telling us how much He loves us. Can anyone guess what book it is? Give up? It is Song of Songs or Song of Solomon depending on your version of the Bible.

Unfortunately, there will be people who are going to be mean to you. But it is not because of us. But because they are not secure in their own skin. Therefore, they pick apart other people’s flaws to make themselves feel better. And it is not at all good in the least but it is true.

So the next time you feel crappy or unworthy say to yourself “I am beautiful, I am treasured, I am a child of God, I am a piece of ART.”


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