Monday Musing – My Fairy Tale Books Review

For this week’s Monday Musings, I am going to share a little bit about a fabulous children’s book company, My Fairy Tale Books. A friend of mine, Rachel, had a contest on her blog and the winner received a book of her choice from this company. With our youngest son, Quintin’s sixth birthday right around the corner, I decided to select the Justice League book for him – he loves super heroes.

The wonderful thing about these books is that you get to not only add a personal message to the child in the front of the book, but you also make him or her the main character of the story, as well as, other personal details sprinkled throughout the story. I can tell you that Quintin’s eyes light up as I read the story and he heard his name. He loves books anyhow, but to be able to fight the bad guys right along with the super heroes was a thrill for him.

I would highly recommend you visiting My Fairy Tale Books website,, to view all the various story book options and select one for the child in your life.

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