Monday Morning – Learn to Dance in the Rain

This morning I found myself listening to the rainfall and feeling grateful for the much-needed rain. It is so ironic how being without rain for such a long period of time can make us not only appreciate, but actually welcome the rain. It makes us remember the purpose of the rain is to allow the trees and plants to grow and become healthier and stronger. Without the storms from time to time, they would wither. The same principle is true in our lives, although we rarely hear of someone praying for storms to come into his or her life, we all need to see that in the long run these storms are necessary to make us stronger, grow deeper roots and ultimately become healthier. Just like we don’t want drought conditions for our plants and trees, we do not want drought in our lives as well. We just need to know that no matter what storm may come — God is our shelter. We can run to Him and be shielded during those storms of life. Are you looking at the mud today or dancing in the rain?


I have several announcements for my blog this week. First of all, I am thrilled to share with you the cover for my book, Get REAL: Stop Hiding Behind the Mask. It will be available later this fall. I will be certain to keep you informed of the exact release date when it becomes available. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this book. I pray that it will empower women to discover their true identity in Christ and allow them to take off their masks and let that identity shine through.

Starting this week, there are going to be some changes to the format on my blog. I am now going to have set themes for the following days; Monday Musings, Wednesday Wisdom and Friday Follow-Up. I hope that you will like these additions and become familiar with the new format. I would love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning – Learn to Dance in the Rain

  1. We’ve had a long summer drought here, too, and I found my body and soul were both feeling parched! When the rain finally arrived, we went out and stood in it, savoring the cool sweetness of each drop on our faces, bodies, plants! It felt like grace from Heaven! I’ve trudged through my own spiritual desert days, and when I arrived at the place where I was ready to welcome God’s grace in my life, it was time to dance in the rain! Thanks, Jamy. Your words are a reminder to turn my face, and soul, to the sky and embrace the rain.

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