Cup of Encouragement

I would like to invite you over to the Encouragement Cafe,, to check out my article on how we judge ourselves.

For those of you in the online Bible study, “The Girl’s Still Got It” be sure to introduce yourself in the comment section if you haven’t already. I would also love for you to leave your take-away or favorite quote from the Introduction in the comment section.

I will get things started off. My favorite quote would have to be “God will never give up on you, my sister. You claim a special place in his Big Picture. As the book of Proverbs says, ‘You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.’ Count on it. As surely as we know how the book of Ruth ends – happily – God knows how your story is going to unfold.” (pg. 1).

5 thoughts on “Cup of Encouragement

  1. My take-away from the Introduction is “It is God’s actions we are to learn about, not a series of admirable human qualities….Our desire as believers isn’t to be more like Ruth it is to be more like Jesus.”

    • When I first read it though I balked for I have always said it is God’s character and quality that I wanted to focus on instead of what He does for me. Yet, the more I thought about this statement it is saying it is through God’s actions we learn about his character. But, I must question my heart, “Am I looking at God’s actions for the right reasons?”

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