Lessons from a Sailboat

I went sailing for the first time in my life this past weekend on Kentucky Lake. Besides going out on our lake fishing with my husband, I really hadn’t been on a boat before. It was so much fun! I learned which side was the port versus starboard, as well as, bow versus stern. The captain of the boat even let us hoist the main sail and learned when you needed to loosen and tighten the ropes for the jib sail. I quickly discovered that to adequately and efficiently sail, one needed to be willing to work as a team and listen to the instructions of the captain.

The captain was able to look out onto the lake to help the crew know which direction we needed to steer the boat in order to maintain a safe distance from other vessels. He also knew where we needed to go in order to “catch the wind”.

The lessons I learned on my sailboat excursion can easily be applied to our everyday lives. First of all, we need to be willing to work with and help others. We were never created to go it alone. Just like the ropes on the jib sail, the small sail in the front of the boat, there has to be a give and take. If both people decide they are not willing to give or take, the sail will not work correctly.

In addition, just like life, in order to safely and efficiently maneuver we must listen, follow and obey the commands of our captain — God. He can easily see what lies ahead and can direct us in the path to catch the wind, so we can be sailing along instead of being stuck out in the middle of a vast body of water just bobbing along. Follow the captain and He will lead you safely through life’s voyage.


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