Inescapable – Book Review

I had the opportunity to read the novel, Inescapable by Nancy Mehl this past week and I wanted to tell you about it.

This story takes the reader along on a journey with the main character, Lizzie Engel.  She is running from a bad situation in Kansas City. Hoping to find peace, security and solitude in her childhood small town of Kingdom. Even though many years have past some things and people have not changed.  Lizzie begins to question whether returning is really the best answer for her and her daughter.

Karen does a great job of fleshing out her characters, especially the main character, Lizzie. The reader sees and feels her pain and journeys with her to help answer the burning question, “What environment is going to be best and safest for her daughter, Charity?” Lizzie must learn, not only about herself, but also about those around her before she can even begin to answer that question. The reader also begs the question, “Will the prince ride in and save the day or does that only happen in fairy tales?” Just like life, this book contains many twists and turns along the way; some may even surprise the reader.

This was a fabulous book that I would highly recommend.  The story grabs the reader early on and you want to continuing reading to discover what decision Lizzie will make.  One word of caution, once you start reading it, you will not want to put it down.

To find out a little more about the book, check out this theatrical trailer,

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