Trying to Ease the Pain and Two Announcements

As a mother I do everything I possibly can to keep my children from pain. As a parent, we want to make everything better. We want to keep them from getting hurt and having pain and struggles in life, but that is not always possible. 

I took my oldest son, Devin, in for his sports physical the other day. Looking back over his record, the doctor noted that a couple of his shots that he were given when he was a year old, were given a few days too early. So, she informed us that he needed to have these vaccinations redone. I tried to plead his case to keep him from having to endure the shots. Even though it is small in comparison to some of the things our children go through or even we face, but it was still something that I wanted to keep him from. I didn’t want him to get hurt or be in pain, but I knew in the larger scheme of things these two little shots could keep him from getting really sick later on. So, I knew that this little bit of pain that he would have to endure at the doctor’s office, could keep him from a lot more pain down the road.

The same thing is true in our own lives. There are times you and I must go through painful situations in our lives. We don’t understand and we can’t make sense out of it all and at times it simply seems unfair. However, Our Loving Heavenly Father loves us even more than we can begin to imagine and He does not want us to go through painful situations, but at times we must in order to avoid larger pain later on or in order for us to grow and become stronger. He sees the bigger picture and even though we do not understand. We don’t have to. God is in control and He will take care of us.


Two Announcements:

  • I would like to congratulate Veronica for winning the copy of “Crossing Values.”  I will be certain to get it sent out to you this week. Happy Reading!
  • I want to remind you that the next online study, The Girl’s Still Got It by Liz Curtis Higgs begins in a few days. It is a fresh look at the book of Ruth. Liz brings the characters alive, as we travel along side them. I encourage you to share this invitation with your friends and family. It is going to be an amazing study. It will start on Sunday, August 19th.  To sign-up all you need to do is subscribe to my blog and I will email the  participants the weekly assignments on Sunday.

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