Day 29 – Game Over

Everyone likes to watch a come from behind win.  However, when the final buzzer sounds in your life; it is game over.  There is not overtime on this earth.  Death is not something you can avoid.  Therefore, we all need to be intentional about how when spend the time that we have been given.

Just because you die does not mean that you will stop living however.  We will all live forever in eternity.  God has created us with the free will to choose where we will eternity.  God loved us so much that He sent Christ to die in our place.  We are given the choice whether to return the love and want to spend eternity with Him in heaven.  Until you have the matter of your eternity is settled, you really cannot make the most of the moments you have here on earth.

Once you have made this decision your entire perspective shifts.  You begin to focus on the things that will last and leave an impact on others.  There are only two things that will stand the test of time; God’s Word and people.  According to Isaiah 40:8, God’s Word will stand forever.  Therefore, if your building your character and values around becoming more like Christ and applying His Word to your life, then that will also last.

As we have already mentioned, people will live on in eternity.  So whenever you take the time to impact someone else’s life, then it will also last forever. Therefore, we need to live life with an eternal perspective, so that we can live a life with no-regrets no matter how long we have on this earth.


Questions to Consider:

  1. Spend some time thinking about heaven today.  What do you envision it to look like?
  2. Take some time to spend with God today and share with Him what you think meeting Him will be like.
  3. Look over your schedule for this week, how are you making eternal investments?  Spend time today setting some goals for yourself for the next week or month.  Then, take the first step to accomplishing those goals today.


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