Day 27 – Making a Difference

Many times we approach a situation with the attitude that it seems impossible or that our personal involvement could not possibly make a difference; either way we choose not to do anything.  However, we are gravely underestimating the power of one.  God has created every one of us to make a lasting difference in the world around us.  All we need to do is take the risk to meet the needs of those around us.  So, what if you only make a difference in one person’s life.  The fact is you made all the difference to them, both physically and spiritually.

Too often it is a matter of our perspective.  We become so nearsighted that we cannot see beyond our own needs and problems.  Human nature tells us to surround ourselves with stuff to keep us safe and comfortable.  However, God tells us we need to change our focus from inward to outward and begin to give of ourselves.

The first step you can take to reach out to others is to pray for them.  When you begin to pray from someone it connects your heart to theirs and you start caring about them.  The next step needs to be action.  As Christians, we need to be willing to show God’s love in a real way to the world around us by giving of our time, talents and resources.  God has entrusted each one of us with special gifts, talents and knowledge.  These will enrich and change someone else’s life, if we will only take the time to share with them.  Do not underestimate the difference your presence can have in someone’s life.  Make a choice to make a difference today!


Questions to Consider:

  1. Choose one item of convenience or comfort that you will do without for a month.  Take the time and money you would have spent on it and give it to a need in your community.
  2. What cause or situation in the world today are you moved by?  Spend time in prayer this week, as well as, researching to find out how you can help.
  3. Look at the needs of those around you in your community.  Make a choice today to give of yourself and help someone in need.

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