Flood of Memories


I just finished doing corn this morning.  Boy, did it bring back a flood of memories.  It seems like a lifetime ago; everyone sitting under the tree at David and Elaine’s house, Thompie sitting in her lawn chair with her little pairing knife and Grandma Lucy with her picnic basket filled with goodies for lunch after getting the corn done.  All of the women in the family would sit around outside shucking the corn.  This was in a time before cells phone and facebook.  Everyone would use this time to catch up with one another.  After the corn was shucked, then it was time to head inside to start blanching and cutting the corn.  My cousin, Shavawn, and I were the younger ones helping, so our job was cooling the corn.  I remember the thrilled when we were promoted to putting the corn in the hot water.  I watched as my aunts had the honored job of cutting the corn off the cob.  I longed to be old enough to get to do this job.  However, today as I worked on the corn from start to finish by myself, I was saddened to be at that point in my life.  I wanted more than anything to be back in those simpler days enjoying the company of those no longer with us.  This flood of memories made me realize that I need to enjoy the time I have with the ones I love, because I do not know how much time I have left with them. I would encourage you to be intentional about sitting down and talking with those you love.  Let them know how you feel today.

I would love for you to share some memory you have from your childhood. Let’s take some time today to reflect on days gone by.

3 thoughts on “Flood of Memories

  1. Interesting how those “bittersweet” chores can become some of our fondest memories. So many lessons in life have been learned in family circles of shucking corn, shelling beans, canning tomato juice, finishing 4-H projects, working on Scout badges; it’s so much more than just getting a chore completed. We need to stop and take the time that God has given us and realize what a Blessing each day truly can be, if we will just look at it that way.

  2. Thanks for making me cry this morning! I finally got to read this. How I miss those days!!! I remember the corn days too and we also used to all go to Grandma Lucy’s for dinner after church and I remember Paul playing the guitar in the beauty shop to us kids. We were sometimes giving the “big dolly” a wash and set! LOL I also remember being at Grandma Thompson’s house in BG and I loved to get to look at all the glassware in the sunlight.in her big window with the glass shelves. I remember all of us playing games in her basement while the adults were upstairs talking. Our family was special – still is – but I do miss the days when we were all together much more often. Love ya!

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