Day 25 – Building Materials

As we are drawing this study to a close, we are looking at how to leave a lasting legacy.  Today, I would like you to think of your life as building a bridge for the next generation.  Anyone who has ever done any construction knows that the building materials are key.  Are you constructing your bridge out of temporary or eternal materials?  There are three key eternal materials that we need to utilize in the construction of our bridges.

The first material is convictions. First of all I would like to distinguish the difference between a belief and a conviction, “a belief is something you hold on to, but a conviction is something that holds you” (One Month to Live, 189).  The convictions in our lives need to be the core values from the Word of God.  However, for these to leave a lasting impact on those around us, we must have more than just a head knowledge.  We must put them to use in our lives.

The second material is character.  As we have discussed throughout this study, God has a purpose and a plan for each one of us.  Throughout our lives, things will come into our lives to chip away at us to make us more in the image of Christ.  Our lives should emulate the character traits of Christ.  In order for the master carver to accomplish this we have problems, pressures and people brought into our lives to develop our character for Him.  We are His masterpiece.

The final material we need for constructing our bridge is community.  If you are too busy to connect with those around you, then you are simply too busy.  We were created to be relational.  Therefore, we need to focus on our relationship with God, first and foremost, and then we need to start investing time in the lives of those around us.

To leave a lasting legacy for future generations, then we need to be constructing our bridge with these eternal materials: convictions, character and community.  You also need to remember, as you are constructing your bridge throughout your life, that your bridge needs to be leading people to God.  If you are not doing this, you a constructing a bridge to nowhere.  Make the changes you need to today in order to construct a bridge to lead others to Christ.


Questions to Consider:

  1. List five convictions that you have. How are they illustrated in God’s Word?  Are you living them out today or are they simply beliefs?
  2. Write down five character traits you would like to be remembered for.  How have you been cultivating them?  What changes, if any, do you need to make?
  3. List five people who share your convictions. How often to you connect with them?  Make an effort to connect with them this week.

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