Day 22 – Road Signs


When you were first learning to drive or taking driver’s education, you had to learn the signs of the road and what they all meant.  Those signs are placed along the side of the roads to direct us and help us along our journey.  The same is true in our spiritual journey.  God has placed road signs for us.  We have to decide whether we will follow them and experience the blessings He has for our lives or if we will choose to go our own way.

I would say that most of us would love to have something miraculous happen in their life.  However, the only way we can experience this is if we are moving in God’s direction.  To accomplish this, we have to follow the four road signs that God has given us.

The first sign is the one-way.  This actually has two parts to it.  First of all, we must admit that we have a need in our lives.  You and I must come to the point that we know the situation is impossible without God.  Once we acknowledge that there is a need, the second part comes into play.  We have to come to the realization that God is the only way.

Once we are going in the right direction, the only way, God leads us to the next road sign – the stop sign.  God wants us to stop and look what He has already given us that can be utilized in the current situation.  God is not some genie that just says, “ala kazaam and everything is perfect.” This is not to say that He couldn’t, nothing is impossible for Him.  God begins to work in our lives right where we are with the gifts, talents, and resources that He has graciously given us.  In order to activate God’s blessings in our lives, we must be willing to surrender to Him.

This brings about the third road sign – U-turn.  Most of the time when we are in the midst of a storm in our life, you and I tend to focus on the problem, not the problem solver – God.  We need to have an eternal perspective, looking at life through God’s point of view.  This means that we no longer see the problem as insurmountable.  We know that with God anything is possible.  We begin to look through the situation with the eyes of faith, not fear.

The final sign is yield.  Many times when we face a trial in our own lives, we retreat to our own little world.  We hoard our time, energy and resources, feeling like if we give them away we will be left with nothing.  However, in God’s economy the more we give the more blessed we will be.  God is asking us to yield to our own selfish desires and pour ourselves into the empty vessels around us.  As we do this, He will begin to pour blessings into us.  We must trust Him completely to meet our needs.

To smoothly navigate through the journey of life, it is best to follow the road signs that God has laid out for us.


Questions to Consider:

  1. Describe  a time when you experienced a miracle from God.  How were the road signs used in that situation?
  2. Write down your greatest needs at this point in your life.  What resources has God given you already that He can use to meet these needs?  Be certain not to overlook the little things He has given to      you.
  3. Think of the people around you that you could pour yourself into.  Ask God to lead you in ways that you can bless them in the coming week.

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