Day 20 – Earthquake

I blogged about hurricanes earlier in the week.  Well, today I am going to move on to another natural disaster – earthquakes.  I have been through more than one earthquake in my life, nothing like the magnitude for people in California, but I do know what it is like.  It shakes everything down to the core.  This is when you discover how good your foundation really is.

The very same thing is true in each of our own lives.  Things will be going just fine and then without warning, just like an earthquake, something happens that shakes everything in our lives.  Your personal earthquake could be a health issue, death of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy, or any number of circumstances.  The real test during these earthquakes is to see where you have built your foundation.  If God is the center of your life and you have built your foundation on Him, then you will be shaken by circumstances, but will not crumble.

Besides having God as the core of our life, we also need to have a support system.  These are the real friends that come running to you during a crisis, instead of laying low waiting for the bad to pass.  We all need these kinds of friends to jump in and help up during the earthquakes in our lives to help us remain strong, as well as, being around afterwards to help us pick up the pieces and begin rebuilding.

Never forget that when you are dealing with the earthquakes in your own life, you have a shelter in the midst of this storm.  “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you” (Psalm 50:15).  When troubles come our way, God wants us to turn to Him first, not as a last resort.  In a time of crisis, our first response needs to be prayer.  I have seen first hand the power of prayer.  Many times we go to God with our request to take us out of the situation or make it better.  However, often God responds with being there for us, His presence, instead of giving us our request, His presents.

God has a perfect purpose and plan for everyone of us and many times that involves going through storms in our lives, so we will come out stronger and more reliant upon Him.  We simply need to build our foundation on Him and trust Him with the details.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Think of the last earthquake in your own life. In what way did it challenge you? How are you different because of it?  Is your faith and overall relationship with God weaker or stronger?
  2. Whom would you consider to be a true friend? Think of ways to be a true friend to someone this week.
  3. Write a list of all the presents you would like God to give you.  Now spend some time dealing in God’s presence and discover how much more this means than the list of things.

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