Day 19 – Metamorphosis


I absolutely love butterflies.  They are so beautiful with their brilliant colors and their grace in flight.  It is hard to believe that they started out as a caterpillar, not exactly the most graceful or beautiful creature.  However, the transformation that takes place in the cocoon happens from within and then the true beauty shows forth after the struggle of emerging from that chrysalis.  In a lot of ways, we are like those beautiful butterflies.

In order for our true beauty to shine through, we must be still and let the transformation take place within.  Too often, we are so busy flitting around trying to control and “fix” everything that we do not spend time just being still.  Our society has forgotten how to relax.  Even on a vacation, we take our laptops, both for work and email, and our cell phones.  We are really not taking a break from things; we are just in a different location.  Not only do we try and control our problems, but we also try and control how we appear to others.  We begin masking ourselves to look like we have it all together, when in actuality we don’t.  If you only had a month to live, I am almost positive that you would go about your last days with a different approach.  The only cure for being overly controlling is to get away and spend time with God.  Give Him your cares, concerns, fears and insecurities and let God have complete control over them.  It is only in this quietness will our soul gain the strength that it needs.

Besides trying to control everything, many of us fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to those around us.  We have to stop pretending we are something we are not.  Only then will our true beauty and identity in Christ shine through to others.  You and I, just like the butterfly, must change from the inside out.  The only cure for the comparison trap is service.  When you give us yourself to someone who cannot possibly repay you, you replace comparison in your life for compassion.

Just like the butterfly, we will all face struggles in our life.  It is a guarantee.  However, these struggles will give us strength to not only face our life with purpose, but also soar. I pray that you will lean on God today, no matter what you are facing, and let Him change you from the inside out, so that your true beauty will shine forth and you will soar with purpose in your life.


Questions to Consider:

  1. Plan ahead to spend some time in stillness this week.  Think of your overall schedule and one change you could make in order to spend time with God everyday.
  2. How have you tried to change your outward appearance? Has it given you the peace and comfort that you were after? Make an effort to start being real with God and those around you.
  3. Look for someone that you can serve this week.



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