Day 17 – GPS


I think this is one of my favorite chapters so far.  I guess partly because I would be lost without my GPS, haha.  Seriously, I never thought that we needed to purchase a GPS.  However, after having one I do love being able to not only put in your destination, but also find points of interest along the way.  The only down side would be that it sometimes loses connection with the satellite and we end up on a crazy back country road, that I really believe was not even a road.

The great news for Christians is that we all have a GPS within us.  The choice is ours whether we decide to activate it or not.  God has given us three key resources: Gifts, Passions and Struggles.

We touched on the first resource the other day, gifts.  God has graciously given us each gifts, which include our talents and abilities.  Many times, we lose sight of our own gifts because we are focused on the gifts that someone else has been given.  God has a reason for giving each of us our particular gifts.  It is part of His purpose and plan for our lives.  We need to trust Him and be thankful for what He has given us and put those gifts to work.

The second resource is our passions.  You might ask, what is my passion?  Well, stop for a moment and think about something you couldn’t imagine going a day without.  That is what you are passionate about.  Some people are passionate about running, or their children or mission work.  Whatever passions God has placed in your heart, He wants you to use them.

The last resource available to us to help us find our purpose in life would be our struggles.  If you are like me, you are probably thinking, boy I could do without those.  However, without struggles in our lives we would not learn to depend upon God.  Also, the struggles that God helps us through will not only make us stronger, but also enable us to reach out and help others that are going through a similar situation.

All too often, we feel that we must conform to the world to fit into their mold.  However, God made us each unique, so that we could shine brightly for Him.  Do not hide who you really are.  Let His light shine in your life and let Him be your GPS to lead you through life.


Questions to Consider:

  1. Make a list of the five gifts you feel you have been given by God.  Now ask a couple of friends or family members what five gifts they think you have been given and compare the two lists.  Did anything surprise you?
  2. In what way does your current occupation exhibit your passions? If you only had a limited amount of time to live, would you stay in the same position?  Now make a list of the things that stand in your way of having your dream job.  Take that list to the Lord and ask for His help and guidance.
  3. Think of one of the struggles you have been through in your life.  Try and think of someone around you that you could share your experience with to encourage and help him or her.

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