Day 15 – Last Call

With our advanced technology, we have the ability to talk to people on our landlines, cell phones, and computers.  One would think that our society is better in touch with people than in years past.  However, how much of that communication is there an actual connection?

It is said that 80 percent of our communication is nonverbal.  If we are utilizing these various forms of communications, then we are only really getting 20 percent of what the other person is trying to communicate to us.  We need to be intentional about making true connections with people around us.

To make a real connection with someone you have to first open your heart, before you should ever open your mouth.  Christ did this very thing for us by leaving His home in heaven to come to this earth to ultimately die for our sins.  Christ showed us His heart, so that we could see what God is like.  Showing someone your heart is the only way to have a communication breakthrough.

Taking an interest in someone by giving them your time and attention will speak volumes to the other person.  You know that when you are sharing with someone else you want them to be completely in the conversation and not wondering what they are going to have for dinner.  Therefore, you and I need to exhibit these same qualities when talking with someone else.

There are some relationships in our life that have a lot of static on the line.  God wants to bridge the gap for you.  All we need to do is to call on Him for help, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3).  The wonderful thing about God is that you will never get a busy signal or be put you hold.  He is there for us any time we call.


Questions to Consider:

  1. Think of the contact list on your cell phone. Who is most important? How often do you talk with him/her compared to the others on the list? How often do you really make a connection when communicating with these people?
  2. Contact someone lives far away and tell them what they mean to you.
  3. I challenge you to go on a 24-hour media fast and use the time to really connect with the people in your life.  After that time, write down how this has affected you.

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Last Call

  1. It’s actually embarrassing when you think of how easy it is to pick up the phone and call someone and yet how often I get too busy to sit down and take the time to do it. I make the excuse that I have to talk on the phone so much at work, that I don’t want to, when I get home. However, there are so many people that have very few opportunities for conversation during the day, and it would mean so much to them to get a phone call. I know in my heart there is no assurance that they will always be available in another year or two, so why don’t I take more time to make those calls? How many opportunities have I wasted because I’ve been watching some silly television show or surfing on the internet? I need to “communicate” now before it’s too late and not just talk about meaningless stuff, but perhaps, just listen.

  2. Absolutely right! It is easy to make excuses, we all do it. However, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so we need to make time to communicate with the ones we love today.

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