The Fiddler – Book Review

Today, I am going to share another review of a book that I had the privilege to read, The Fiddler.  It is the latest book by Beverly Lewis.

Beverly Lewis is famous for her captivating stories framed around the Amish community.  The Fiddler was another wonderful example of the meshing of two different worlds: the English and the Amish.  The two main characters, Michael and Amelia represent these two different worlds.  Even though they are from two different communities, strangely enough, they are facing the same decision; whether to follow the path that others (primarily their parents) think they should.  As they each try and make their own decision about what to do they are finding themselves drawn closer together.  What will the final decision be?  Will they each follow the path laid out for them or will they choose to follow their hearts?

Beverly Lewis does an amazing job of developing the characters throughout the book, especially that of Amelia. The reader sees her struggle with the decision of which path to follow – duty versus the desires of the heart.

This was an incredible book that I would highly recommend.  The story grabs your attention early on and the reader becomes engrossed in the town of Hickory Hollow and all the people there.

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