Lessons from the Garden

As I was weeding the garden this morning, I observed several things.  First of all, it simply amazes me how the plants go from these tiny little seeds into these plants that produce such wonderful fruits and veggies.  It reminded me of children.  They all start out so little and with all the promise of the world.  However, in no time at all there are influences – friends, society, media, etc., that try and take over the child’s life.  If a loving parent or adult does not come in and weed out these negative influences, then the child’s potential will eventually be choked out.  However, taking those influences away, the child, like the plant, is able to survive.  Besides getting rid of the weeds, a plant also needs sunlight and water.  The same thing is true of our children.  With adequate amounts of SON light and pouring in of the Living Water, children will not only survive, but also thrive.  A child will get SON light from seeing God’s light shining through your life.  The Living Water can be found in the Bible.  Children need to see and hear the Word, from you and not just on Sunday mornings.  Yes, this all takes time and energy, just like tending a garden.  However, unlike a garden, you are working on something that has lasting effects, not just for one season.  The time you have with your child will mold him/her in to the person he/she will become.  This is the future – please do not take the responsibility lightly.  Yes, there are times that as parents we have to weed out influences in our child’s life that seems painful for them.  However, as the parent or adult in their life, we know that this will lead to a stronger individual in the long run.  As much as we would like to be their best friend, keep in mind that you are the parent first and foremost.  We need to be intentional with our children and take the extra time to see what things are influencing them and weed out the bad, so they have all the opportunities in the world to fulfill the potential and purpose they were born with.

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