Taking a trip – Join me for the Journey

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, the very start of summer, it only seemed fitting to take a trip in my blog today.  I hope that you have the time to come along with me.  Be sure to pack your sunscreen and wear comfy shoes.  This is a trip; I hope you will not soon forget.  The destination is The Land of Someday.

As we pull into town you will notice lots of locals around ready to talk about their goals and dreams.  The good news is you don’t have to worry about taking up their precious time because they are not planning on going anywhere.  The Land of Someday is the land that time forgot.  You will quickly notice that no one here seems willing to do much of anything.  They are all simply waiting for someday to come around when everything is right.  There are not many children in The Land of Someday because most couples are waiting for the perfect time when they are financially, emotionally and physically ready, which rarely happens.

Unlike many places that I have visited, this is not one I want to spend much time at.  I see clearly how waiting for everything to be perfect is just an excuse to not live out the calling God has for me.  It is not just for me.  God has a calling or purpose for each one of us; “God has always thought of you as valuable and has a purpose in mind for you” (Jeremiah 1:5).  Not only does He have a purpose for us, but we are also valuable – never forget that.

Anyhow, making excuses is exactly what I have been doing for sometime.  God has been nudging me in the areas of writing and speaking.  For those you who do not know me well, this is so far outside my comfort zone; I cannot even see the box.  Obviously, this is exactly where God wanted me – relying on His power and strength instead of my own.  God has given me this passion to help others through speaking and writing and He wants me to go for it.  I have been content to just sit on the sidelines because there are so many talented individuals already out there.  However, God has given me a message that is unique based on my experiences.  I do not know where this journey will take me, but I am certain I do not want to stay in The Land of Someday.  I want to get out and do and chase hard after this purpose.

I challenge you to do the same thing.  Do not be satisfied with sitting and watching life pass by.  You need to get up and get going on your own journey.

3 thoughts on “Taking a trip – Join me for the Journey

  1. Wow Jamy, for some reason The Land of Someday really just convicts! I don’t want to be there either 🙂 LOVE THIS. So glad God is reawakening your heart His purpose ❤ 🙂

    • Rae, you are right, The Land of Someday is convicting. Hopefully, we can help and encourage one another along, so it is just a side trip and not our permanent residence.

  2. I love this Jamy! You have motivated me to keep going and to trust God! I am cheering you on my friend! Blessings as you continue to follow and promote Jesus! Tracy:)

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