One Month to Live

I received the book, One Month to Live – Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life from Water Brook Press to review.  I have one word for this book – AMAZING!  This is definitely a book that will change your life.

So many people live life in one of two extremes.  The first is in the land of Someday.  They put off doing things until things calm down, or finances are squared away.  In the end they do not end up doing anything because they are still waiting on Someday.  The other extreme has people living in the future.  They are not in the here and now, they are simply focused on eternity.  However, we are called to “do” while we are here.  One Month to Live takes a look at how each one of us needs to live our life as though we only have a short time left.  Let’s fact it, none of us knows how much time we have and we need to live without regrets.

One Month to Live is set up with a thirty-day challenge.  This can be completed on your own or with a group.  The book is divided into four principles: live passionately, love completely, learn humbly and leave boldly.  There is a principle highlighted each week in the challenge.  Each day you have a short chapter to read with “Make It Count Moments”, which are questions that help you focus on what is really important in your life.  There are also “Make It Last for Life” included in each chapter.  These are activities or ways you can act on that particular day’s focus.  If you would like to read the first chapter, simply click on the link,

This book had such an impact on me that I have chosen to make it the next selection for my online Bible study.  If you would like to participate, simply subscribe to my email list and I will get you all the details.  The study will begin on June 10th and last for thirty days. It will change your life.  I encourage you to participate and invite your friends and family as well.  This is going to be a learning and growing process and it is always helpful to have others on the journey with you.

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