Promise of a Heavenly Home

It is hard to believe that our 10 week Online Bible Study of Sheila Walsh’s book, The Shelter of God’s Promises, has come to an end.  I have learned so much and have enjoyed this time together.  I hope that you have too.

Before we close this book, I would like to take a moment and share some of the points that really struck me as I read this final chapter.  It seemed so fitting to end this book with the promise of our eternal home.  The promises are all interwoven and will be fulfilled in heaven.

Take a moment and think back over your life.  Have you faced trials and struggles that you just did not think you would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel; that you would be in the mire forever?  In this world, it is so easy to fall victim to focusing on our situations.  However, God has given us hope through the promises we have studied over the past several weeks.  “When bad things happen to us and they truly can’t be fixed, there’s hope of a redeemed and perfect life with a God in heaven.  There is no sadness, no pain, no suffering” (The Shelter of God’s Promises Participant Guide, p. 188).  The trials will not go on forever and Christ promised us that He has prepared a place for us.  We have something far greater waiting for us.  Let me ask you a question, when you face a trial in your life, what promise of God helps you through?

Thinking back to the famous story of Mary and Martha, which sister do you most closely relate to?  For those of you not familiar with the story (Luke 10:3-42), Jesus shows up to their home and Martha plays the role of hostess.  She is busy preparing the meal and making certain everything is in its rightful place.  Mary, on the other hand, is at the feet of Jesus hanging on His every word.  How often do we lose sight of what is really needed?  We tend to focus on the urgent, not necessarily the important.  Let me explain this a different way.  Imagine that a dear friend has invited you over for dinner.  You have not seen each other in some time and you are really looking forward to this.  You enter her home and the entire time you are there she is fussing over everything and trying to keep you entertained.  However, you really just want her to stop and enjoy one another’s company.  This is what God longs for – time with you.  He does not just want to be part of your to do list.  He wants to be a part of your life.  The good news with God is that we do not have to have it all together to come before Him.

I would love to know how this study has changed you and what God is working on in your life.

I encourage you to join in the next Online Bible Study that will begin on June 10th.  I will be making an announcement on Monday, May 21st with more information about what we will be covering.  Please be sure to invite your friends and family to join us on this journey.

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