Who would like a brand new car?

Let me ask you a question, by a show of hands, who would like to have a brand new car.  Okay, now, let me ask, how many of you would like a brand new car that did not cost you anything.  I imagine that everyone would want to take advantage of that great deal.  In fact, I bet you would probably be on your cell phone, texting or calling your friends and family to tell them about the deal, so they would not miss out.  Well, I know of a gift that far exceeds that of a brand new car.  It is the gift of eternal life.  This gift comes to us at a very high price – Christ’s blood.  Without the sacrifice Christ made on the cross, death and resurrection – we would have no hope.  As Christians, we need to live like it.  We have received the most amazing gift, which was freely given.  So many times, we are afraid to share it with others.  Most of us would not think twice about telling a friend or family member or all of facebook, about a great deal at the store.  However, we do not want to risk someone making fun of us or turning us down, so we do not mention Christ and the gift He longs to give to everyone.

The gift of eternal life is available because Christ rose from the dead.  He is alive.  Webster’s Dictionary defines alive as “having life or vigor or spirit.”  This perfectly defines Christ.  He is alive and sitting on the right hand of God.  Natalie Grant’s new song immediately came to mind.  I encourage you to take a moment and check out this song and video, http://youtu.be/nmGYAsB3FxQ.

Spring reminds us that we are new creations and that God’s mercies are new to us everyday.  Do not keep this to yourself.  Share the news with others. I challenge each one of us, including myself, to reflect on how we are living this Easter weekend.  Are we freely offering Christ’s gift to others?

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