Facing the dark

After discussing the cross yesterday, it is now time to look towards the tomb.  To me the tomb represents the cold, dark places in my own life.  During these times of trials, I feel alone and uncertain about what lies ahead.  Even though the disciples walked with Christ and sat under His teachings, I really believe that they felt the same way.  When Christ was crucified and then buried, the disciples were scared, alone and uncertain about their own lives, let alone their future.  As Christians today, we know that the tomb is not the end, so we sometimes rush through this part.  However, Christ was dead and buried before He rose again on the third day.  This is where many of us can relate to the disciples.  I am certain that most of us have faced trials or dark times in our own lives.  At the very least, we have had things not work out how we had planned or envisioned.  Many followers during Christ’s time thought He was the earthly king they had been waiting for.  However, we know that this was not God’s plan.  If Christ were merely an earthly king, then you and I would have no chance at eternal life in heaven.  However, God’s plan was much grander than anyone ever dreamed of.  God has plans for you and I as well.  These are plans that go beyond anything we can even dream or imagine; “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20).  Sometimes, to get to the brighter days, we must face the storms and dark times.  I know from personal experience that dark times come.  During those times, it is difficult to understand why we have to face them.  However, if we hold tight to Christ during the storms, He will walk through the dark times with us and bring us out onto the other side.  In my experience, the time in the dark drew me closer to God and led to a life far beyond my wildest dreams.  Take heart dear one; God has great plans for you.  If you happen to be in a dark season of your own life, know that it will not last and there will be joy and celebration on the other side.

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