A Matter of Perspective

Having five kids is an adventure, to say the least.  However, more times than not, they are the ones that end up teaching me.

Our youngest son, Quintin, came in the other day from playing outside to say that he needed a band-aid.  However, when he came over to show me I could barely even see that there was a scratch.  Quintin, on the other hand, could not see anything else, but the hurt.  His focus was on the boo-boo and what I might be able to do to make it feel better.  Later, our middle son, Ethan, was working on his math homework and having a difficult time.  He just kept saying that he could not do it, it was simply too hard. When Ethan’s focus was on the entire problem, instead looking at it one step at a time, he could not see that he was ever going to get it done.  It is easy in these situations, as a mom, to step back and say, “boys this is not really as big of a deal as you are making it.”  In these instances, they needed me to help give them perspective on the situation.

It reminds me of a pebble.  If we hold it up close to our eye, it is all that we see.  However, if we hold it out farther.  We can examine it and even classify it.  Take it one step farther, if you would throw that same pebble at your feet, then it is seen in its true setting.  It becomes just one tiny bump along our journey, instead of being the only thing we can see.

When the storms of life come our way it is so easy, just like with the pebble, to be solely focused on the circumstance.  We cannot begin to see anything else.  Just like our sons, they were consumed with their problems.  It was all they could see and think about.  When this happens, life’s circumstances begin to overwhelm us.  However, just like the pebble, we need to throw all of our troubles at our feet.  The distance helps to put things back into perspective.  God is right there, just like I was for my boys, to help us see things clearer.  We simply need to take the focus off of the circumstance and throw it at God’s feet and let Him help us.  It is mentioned in I Peter 5:7, “cast all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”  God cares for us and wants to, not only help us, but to also put things into perspective.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation in your life this week, take a moment to give it all to God and let Him take care of it all.  If you have a specific prayer request, I would also be more than happy to pray for you.


**I wanted to remind everyone that the online Bible study, “The Shelter of God’s Promises” by Sheila Walsh, starts this next week.  It is not too late to sign up.  You simply need the book and a Bible.  The book can be purchased in stores or online.  It is also available for the Kindle.  Please contact me and I will be more than happy to add you to the list.  Also, we have a facebook page, www.facebook.com/jamywhitakersonlinebiblestudies,that I would love for you to join as well.  It will be a great way to share with each other in the group through out the study.

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