It’s all about a relationship

With the calendar turned up to February, love is in the air.  The stores have their Valentines out, and the commercials inundate the consumers with gifts for the special one in our life.  You simply can’t miss this idea.  However, have you really thought about love?  Having a tween and a teen in our house, I am familiar with what the younger crowd thinks of – that warm and fuzzy feeling you have when their name is mentioned, someone you immediately text when something good or bad happens.  In the coming blogs, I am going to cover many different aspects about love.  Today, I am going to unpack the idea of relationship.  Think back when you first met that special someone, did you just look at each other across the room once and that was it?  Chances are this was not the case.  Most likely, it started out as a friendship.  You would take time to spend with this person to get to know them better, right?  Okay, let’s take it a step farther.  For those of you who are married, after saying “I do” did you stop talking and spending time with your spouse?  However, when asked about your spouse, you would respond, “I’m married”.  Of course that is not the case, then why do so many Christians do the very same thing with Christ?  They come to the saving knowledge of Christ and accept Him as their Savior and Lord, but then just leave Him on a shelf, all the while saying, “I’m saved. I’m a Christian”.  These statements are true, but these people are missing out on an incredible experience, a relationship with Christ.  Time spent together, in God’s Word and in prayer will draw you closer together and you will find out more about God.  God will also direct your paths and let you know what is His purpose for your life.  Christianity is not all about following a list of rules, it is about a relationship with Christ and the lasting difference that it will have on your life.  Don’t miss out.  Take time today to spend with God and get to know Him on a more personal level.

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