Who are you? Discovering your true identity

During this time of the year, it is especially easy to get wrapped up in buying and getting. We fall victim to societal pressures that these things will make us better if we have them. When we do this we are letting society construct our identity. The real question we need to ask ourselves is where does our identity come from?

Another way to put this is, what types of things define a person? Say for example, you were to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, how do you define yourself? By your family relationships (wife, mother, daughter)? By a professional title, or lack of one? By where you live or go to church? We generally define ourselves by the following; age, intelligence, education, marital status, material things, family, etc. However, circumstances can also define a person.

As Christians, we need to learn to distinguish the lies and replace them with God’s truth. Satan wants us to focus on our flaws and feelings of inadequacy, then exhaust ourselves trying to hide them. But God wants us to focus on His acceptance, security and significance and thank Him for His promises that remind us of who we are in Him. I love this quote by Kay Arthur, “You worth and purpose do not depend on where you have been, even if you have been to the very precipice of hell. Your worth and purpose depend upon God and God alone.” We need to remember that God is well pleased with us before we “do” anything because we are His children. Remember this — identity comes before activity. We must start to see ourselves as God sees us.

God spoke each one of us into our mother’s womb at just the right time to be here now. It wasn’t by accident, nor was it a surprise to God; He designed each of us on purpose to be on a mission with him for such a time as this. Our faith will grow stronger as we focus on our identity in Christ. Putting it simply, we need to get rid of any image of ourselves that is not from God. We have to stop believing what others have said, or how we have been labeled in the past and stop accepting how others define us.

We are now identified with Christ and have the power of the Holy Spirit within us. Each one of us is God’s precious child and He created each one in a way that pleases Him.

With the empowering of the Holy Spirit and prayer each one of us can start taking down this wall, that has been built by others’ constructing who we are, piece by piece to pave the path to victory — our identity in Christ. There are several different identities seen throughout scripture. I have selected 9 to share with you.
*Forgiven child of God (Romans 3:24)
*Set-free child of God (Romans 8:1-2)
When condemnation comes against you, let me encourage you to quote this scripture as a “word weapon.” Remind satan and yourself that you do not walk after the flesh but after the Spirit. Walking after the flesh is depending on yourself; walking after the Spirit is depending upon God. When you fail (which you will) that does not mean you are a failure. It simply means that you do not do everything right. We all have to accept the fact that we have strengths along with weaknesses. Let Christ be strong in your weaknesses; let Him be your strength on your weak days.
*Accepted child of God (I Corinthians 1:2)
*Holy child of God (I Corinthians 1:30)
*Made-new child of God (II Corinthians 5:17)
*Loved child of God (Ephesians 1:4)
In this scripture, the Lord tells us that we are His, and He sets forth what He wants for us – that we should know we are loved, special and valuable and that we should be holy, blameless and above reproach in our lives. Naturally, we should do what we can to live holy lives. But thank God, when we do make mistakes, we can be forgiven. We do not lose our God-given position of holiness and we remain blameless and above reproach – all “in Christ”.
*Close child of God (Ephesians 2:13)
*Confident child of God (Ephesians 3:12)
*Victorious child of God (Romans 8:37)
The truth is, even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances, God’s love is real and active in your life. Nothing can ever separate you from His love; nothing can ever cause Him to love you less. In the midst of difficulty, cling to God’s love for you, and ask Him to keep revealing His love to you.

We were made to be set free, holy, new, loved and confident. Because of this, we can’t allow ourselves to partake in anything that negates our true identity. The real reason for grounding ourselves in the truth that we are made for more is “so that you may know him better.” The more we operate in the truth of who we are and the reality that we were made for more, the closer to God we’ll become. Your identity doesn’t depend on something you do or have done. Your true identity is who you are in Christ. When you are in Christ you are a new creation, the old has passed away. It’s time to stop living out of who people say you are and take hold of the truth of God’s word.

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