Tidbit Tuesday – Would you like to lose some weight?

Several women, and even men for that matter, struggle with their weight.  It is like a yo-yo, losing some weight only for it to not only return, but bring friends with it.  Extra weight can not only effect our physical health, but our mental and emotional health as well.  This struggle can attack the very fiber of our being and pray upon the insecurities so many of us deal with daily.  As important as our physical health is our emotional and spiritual well-being is even more important.  For that reason, my Tuesday Tidbit for this week is to encourage you to head over to Renee Swope’s blog, reneeswope.blogspot.com, and sign up for her 7 day doubt diet.  The email sign up is found on the right hand side of the site.  Today, is the second day of it, but you can go ahead and sign up and you will have access to the previous email.  Some of you may not deal with doubt at all.  However, one needs to keep in mind that doubt takes on several different shapes, if you will.  For some people, it is evident through fears.  Other people, it takes shape in worries or anxieties.  Boy, does that one hit home with me.  So often, I have become anxious about things to the point of becoming physically ill.  Satan has used this method on more than one occassion to leave me ineffective for serving God.  Satan can not take away our salvation, but he can try to leave us disabled enough that we can not or do not reach others.  This 7 day doubt diet helps you to examine where you are on the spectrum of your own doubts, fears and anxieties and how, through God’s help, you can break free.  Renee Swope’s doubt diet are excerpts from her book, “A Confident Heart”, that will be released August 1st.  There will also be an online Bible study on Melissa Taylor’s site, melissataylor.org, starting in September.  I have participated in all three of the studies she has done this year and am looking forward to doing this one in the fall.  If you, like me, would like to shed those pounds of doubt that are weighing you down today, please join in participating in Renee Swope’s 7 day doubt diet.

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