Exciting Announcement

I have been doing a lot of thinking, praying and brainstorming over the long weekend.  I have come up with several blog ideas that you will see in the coming weeks.  Also, I am going to start Tuesday Tidbits.  Every Tuesday, I am going to share with you a Biblical resource, whether it’s a Bible study, website, or other reference, that I would recommend.  Since the beginning of this year, I have done several different Bible studies in various formats and I am looking forward to sharing with all of you.  To be certain that you don’t miss out on the Tuesday Tidbits or any of my other blogs, be sure to subscribe to my blogs and receive them in your email inbox.

The first study I’m going to share with you is “Calm my Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow.  I downloaded this particular study to my Kindle earlier in the year.  It happened to be on the free list at that time.  I hadn’t heard of the author, but I thought I would give it a try.  Worrying and stressing have been issues for me throughout my life.  God used this particular study to speak to me and help me to set those things aside.  “Calm my Anxious Heart” helps you to examine what your perspective is, as well as God’s viewpoint.  Linda does an excellent job of pointing out that our focus needs to be on God and not on the circumstances around us.  He is in control of everything.  We just need to yield to His leading and let Him bring comfort and peace into our lives.  If we simply keep in a close relationship with God, He will seep into every facet of our lives bringing peace to our anxious minds.  “Calm my Anxious Heart” also deals with learning to be content in all things.

I learned a great deal from this study.  The chapters are fairly short, which is beneficial to those who have a limited amount of time.  There are not end of the chapter questions included in this study.  However, I found that with each chapter I was left with several things to think about and try to incorporate into my own life.  I am not going to tell you that I am not longer anxious or ever worry.  I will tell you that I have found that through prayer and a closer walk with God, He will gladly take that burden from me.

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief review of “Calm my Anxious Heart”.  Be sure to subscribe or come back next Tuesday for the next Tidbit.  If you have any studies that you would recommend, please comment and share with others.

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