You can’t get clean if you don’t get wet

As a mother of five children, I am acutely aware of the “speedy” shower. For all you mothers out there, you know what I am talking about. You send your child off to take a shower and in less time than it normally takes them to change clothes, they are back to you with pajamas on claiming to be all done. You know full well that they couldn’t have much more than gotten wet, let alone gotten clean. Having done the “quick” shower on more than one occasion growing up, I know that more than likely they simply stuck their head under the water or even just had the water running and didn’t get in. Either way, they didn’t immerse themselves in the water enough to actually get clean. The same is true in our Christian walk. The Bible, God’s Word, is compared several times to water. Water is the most valuable resource in our human life and the same can be said of the Living Water. If we are to grow as Christians, we have to be in the Word. You can’t get the full effect of God’s Word until you are immersed in it. The teachings of the Bible have to flow down upon you. As it says in Deuteronomy 32:2, “Let my teachings come down like raindrops. Let my words drip like dew, like gentle rain on grass, like showers on green plants.”  That means that we have to challenge ourselves to dig deep into the Word and not be satisfied with just attending church on Sunday.  By diligently studying the Word we will not only grow and bear fruit, but also be able to share in the “overflow” to those around us that need to drink in the Living Water. I challenge you to examine your Christian walk today. Do you need to dig deeper and let the Living Water rain down on you?

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