Filling the Void

Every one of us was created with a void in our lives. We each have to make the decision on how to fill it. Some people choose their kids or their jobs, while others turn to hobbies, food or even alcohol. All of these things may temporarily fill the need, but it will not last. We continue searching and experimenting until that need is met. I was there. I chose activities — simply staying busy, as well as, food to try and fill the void in my life. It resulted in becoming burnt out and overweight. This then began the domino effect that left me feeling emptier than before. I began searching for something different. I came across an online Bible study that was to start the first part of 2011 over Lisa Terkeurst’s book, “Made to Crave.” With the nasty winter weather, I thought this would allow me to study without leaving home. To say this study changed my life would be an understatement of gargantuan proportion. I discovered that we were all made/created to crave. However, the craving is to be for God, not anything else. The study brought me face to face with several issues that I had simply hidden away instead of dealt with. Yes, I have lost weight. It is the first time, in many failed attempts. However, this time was truly different. God empowered me and through it I have begun to have a closer relationship with God. “Made to Crave” has change me physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. I challenge you to examine your own life and see how you are choosing to fill the void. It’s not about a number, sweet sister, God loves you right where you are. It is all about turning your cravings towards God. I encourage you to check out the Made to Crave website,, as well as, Melissa Taylor’s blog, Melissa led the online Bible study and you can see her posts regarding the study in the archives. Make the decision today to crave God not anything else.

(This blog came as a result of several comments recently regarding my change in appearance. I felt the need to share with others, so that they too can break free.)

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