How strong is your tea?

Growing up I can remember my mom making sun tea.  She would fill a pitcher with water and a few tea bags and set it out in the sun.  As a child, I was amazed by this process.  The clear water was transformed into dark tea right before my eyes.  The process did take a bit of time.  With microwaves and tea kettles, this can be sped up.  However, the result is the same.  The stronger you want your tea, the longer you will let the tea bags seep into the water.  The same thing is true of our relationship with God.  Through reading His Word, we become infused with contentment, because it seeps into our minds and transforms us — just like the tea bags in the pitcher of water.  However, like the tea bags, we need to remember that this is a process that takes time.  Similar to the cup of tea, the more content we become when we spend time in the Word and let it seep into our lives.  It begins to transform us into His likeness.  We need to let the truth of God seep into all facets of our lives.

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