Flexing our JOY muscle

I am new to the world of blogging. Or I guess I should say, that I am new to the writing end of blogs. I have read and subscribe to several. However, I believe that the Lord has been laying things upon my heart that I would like to share with others. As far reaching as the internet can be, I decided, with some advise from others, that this would be a great avenue for sharing these thoughts and ideas. So here goes…

I had been wanting a treadmill for some time and last Christmas my amazing husband surprised me with one. I could no longer use the excuses that the weather was bad or what about the kids. After Mitch got it all set up I got on there Christmas morning to try it out. We had company coming, so I was on it for about 5 minutes. I felt pretty good about myself. I now had the tools to get into shape. The very next day I decided that I was ready for a challenge. I upped it to the level 2 program, which was a greater intensity than the previous day, as well as, 30 minutes long. I thought I might simply drop dead before the end of the 30 minutes. This was a big change from my normal “bon-bon” eating days. Thankfully, I didn’t collapse. However, the feeling I had when the time was up, paled in comparison to how I felt the very next morning. I didn’t think that I would be able to even get out of bed. My muscles hurt. I soon found that through the continued use of the treadmill that even though they ached, my muscles were growing and strengthening. As you probably already know, muscles that are not stretched and used will not grow. The same thing is true of our “joy” muscle. We have a daily choice to make. Are we going to find joy in the Lord or wallow in our circumstances? Wallowing was exactly what the Israelites were doing in Nehemiah’s day. They were weeping over how far they had fallen away from God. Yes, we need to recognize that we are not where we should be in the Lord. However, we need to make a change. We need to direct our focus on how much God loves us and wants to draw us closer to Him. Each and everyone of us needs to use our joy muscle to give us the strength to move forward. We need to give all of our burdens to the Lord and let Him take care of everything and be our strength. Continue to flex your joy muscle, so that the joy of the Lord can flow through every part of you.

3 thoughts on “Flexing our JOY muscle

  1. Jamy, I LOVE your blog and your 1st blog post!!! Awesome job. It’s beautiful, in style and content.

    Your message was timely for me today because I need to use my physical muscles more (I haven’t been very consistent lately) and my joy muscle!!!

    Keep writing and sharing !

  2. Why do I find myself saying, “There is nothing left to do but pray.” When that should have been the first thing I did? Pray, scripture reading, exercise… I want the results, but why am I so reluctant to put forth the effort, when I know how good it will be for me? Maybe, I should do this, start out 5 minutes a day.

  3. This is great. I love when people take ordinary “human” moments and translate them into God’s word or direction. Praise & Joy go hand-in-hand and making an effort to be joyful in all circumstances will please the Lord. Thanks for sharing Jamy!

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