This song seemed so appropriate for today, since my daughter is coming home for spring break. Also, a shout out to my mom who is in this video.


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Writer’s Wednesday: Ask the Author


For today’s edition of Writer’s Wednesday, I decided to do something fun. I’ve had several people ask me questions about writing; so today I’m going to have “Ask the Author.” This is your chance to find out a little more about my writing and me. I will get you started with a few questions and then open it up to you. All you need to do is leave a question for me in the comment section below. I will respond to each question. Don’t forget, any comment or question left on the blog this week will get you entered into the drawing for FREE books. You don’t want to miss out. So, let’s get started!

What is your writing routine?  Any quirky habits or must-have snacks?

My writing routine would be to sit down with two or three sharpened pencils, large eraser, pencil sharpener and a yellow legal pad. I guess you could say I’m old school. I simply love writing out my rough draft by hand, flipping page after page in the legal pad. When I am working on a manuscript, I generally work throughout the day while the kids are at school. Pouring over one scene after another. Once I complete a chapter, I will type it into the computer. I have started using Scrivener, which is an incredible program, not just for writers. But I won’t go into all the benefits of that program today J

As far as snacks go, it is necessary for me to have my cup of coffee and Reese’s pieces or almonds (depending upon my mood).

What message do you hope readers take away from this book?

          Whether I am writing fiction or non-fiction, I want my readers to take away hope and encouragement. I also want my writing to draw others closer to Christ and spur them on to be a light to those around them.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing?

When I am not writing, I am spending time with my husband and kids. I love to garden and can the fresh produce for the cold winter months. I also enjoy reading, crocheting and scrapbooking.

What books are on your nightstand right now?

Patsy Clairmont’s, You are More Than you Know and Debbie Macomber’s, Mr. Miracle

Now, it is your turn. What would you like to know? Ask away. I look forward to hearing your questions and connecting with you today.

Exciting Changes


Before I tell you about the exciting changes taking place here at “Threads of the Heart”, I would like to apologize for my absence over the past several weeks. Aside from some sporadic posts here and there I have been pretty quiet. You see I have been dealing with quite a few issues, including medical problems. I received word from my doctor last week regarding the biopsy results – no cancer. For the first time in several weeks, I am able to breathe again. I have a new lease on life, so to speak. Continue reading

Love Note


Love is in the air.

The store shelves are lined with hearts, candy and Valentines. Television commercials and pinterest are eager to give us additional gift ideas from jewelry and roses to something handmade from the “heart”. You will have to forgive me, but here on February 13th my mind is elsewhere. You see, 15 years ago I was having pizza with a friend, enjoying a day out with Taylor, who was two. That evening the pains intensified and I knew it was time. Continue reading

Deadly Echoes – Book Review


Nancy Mehl has done it again! I’ve had the privilege of reading and reviewing her last four books, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to read her latest book, Deadly Echoes.

This is the second book in the Finding Sanctuary series. The reader will recognize the quaint town and several characters, but it certainly could stand on its own.

The main character, Sarah, who is the town school teacher is shocked to discover that her sister, Hannah, was murdered. As Sarah learns more about the attack, she begins to see similarities between it and her parents’ murder. She wants to keep her niece safe, but also desires to see that another family isn’t shattered by this killer. Therefore, with the help of her friend and local deputy, Paul, Sarah embarks on her own investigation. Will it lead to answers or danger?

Deadly Echoes brought out the sleuth in me. Nancy did such an exceptional job crafting the story that it had me guessing who could actually be trusted until the end. The twists and turns kept the pages turning. I would highly recommend this book, as well as, her previous suspense novels.

Always on my Mind – Book Review


After a failed dig in Honduras, aspiring archaeologist Casper Christiansen heads home to Minnesota to face his unresolved feelings for Raina Beaumont, the woman of his dreams. But when he arrives unannounced on her doorstep, he receives the shock of a lifetime: Raina is pregnant with someone else’s baby.

Heartbroken, especially when he discovers the identity of the baby’s father, Casper tables his dreams and determines to be dependable for once, helping his older brother, Darek, prepare the family resort for its grand reopening. Casper longs to be the hero of at least one family story, but a never-ending Deep Haven winter and costly repairs threaten their efforts—and the future of the resort.

Worse, one of Casper’s new jobs constantly brings him into contact with Raina, whom he can’t seem to forget. A tentative friendship begins to heal fresh wounds, but can they possibly overcome past mistakes and current choices to discover a future together?


Always on my Mind is the fourth book in the Christiansen Family novels. Susan May Warren shows exceptional skills as a writer as she weaves the reader into the lives of this family. She creates such a welcome environment that you can jump into the series at any point, although you will quickly want to start from square one and not miss a minute of this endearing family.

I also love how Susan incorporates faith throughout the story without forcing it off on the reader. I would highly recommend Always on my Mind, as well as, the rest of the Christiansen Family novels. Invite this family into your library and they will quickly find a place in your heart.

Hand in Hand


I vividly recall each of my children learning how to walk. Their adorable faces, cubby legs and tentative little feet as they stepped out on their own for the first time. Each one was so determined to keep going. The independence was fine within the safe parameters of home, but walking outside or in public places was another story. However, as a parent I knew I couldn’t continue to carry them everywhere through adulthood, so I had to let them try. I was holding their hand and right beside them every step of the way. If they happened to stumble, I was there to lift them up, hold them close and wipe their tears. Then, they were ready to try again. Continue reading